Description : Special oil for the lubrication of high vacuum pumps.



Application : Recommended for use in the majority of high vacuum pumps working with an absolute pressure of 50 microns of mercury (or 0,05 torr) or even lower.



Properties :

  • Exact viscosity for fast and uniform oil distribution and perfect sealing of the narrow passages between pump blades, rotor and cylinder walls.
  • Very low vapour pressure. Good film strength for minimum friction and lowest possible wear.
  • Suitable water separating properties. High oxidation stability for extended oil life time. Relatively low water content.
  • Specially adapted for vacuum type applications in the refrigeration industry.




Typical analyses :



Density at 15 C : 0.881

Pour point C : -30

Flash point C : 230

Viscosity at 40C / cSt 68

at 100C / cSt 8,7

Viscosity index 98

T.A.N. mg KOH/g 1

Colour (D1500) L1.5