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Santotrac 50
CVTs Run Better With EHD Fluids


St. Charles MO – Developers of continuously variable transmission (CVTs) are discovering the advantages of Santotrac 50, which has the highest traction coefficient of any known lubricant - typically 50% to 100% greater than the traction coefficient of less robust hydrodynamic lubricants. 

The extremely high traction coefficient is possible because under pressure Santotrac 50 is transformed for a few microseconds into a glassy solid between the two power-transferring surfaces.  This brief fluid-solid-fluid transition gives superb power transfer efficiency in CVTs. 

One example is the Milner CVT, which has just undergone its initial performance tests in the UK.  Developed by Peter J. Milner Consultant Engineers (011 44 1455 633 559), the MCVT uses three or more spherical planetary rollers that transfer drive from an inner race set to a carrier assembly.  Efficiency is typically 85% to 90%, and as high as 99% in direct drive lock-up.  Both standard and ceramic silicon nitride balls were used in the tests. 

Lubrication by Santotrac 50 EHD fluid resulted in high traction, ease of cooling, and the very low noise level typical of EHDs.  Additional testing diluted these high-traction fluids with standard low-traction automatic transmission fluids without unacceptable loss of traction. 

Potential applications for the light-weight MCVT include automotive, motorcycle, and industrial gearboxes, cycle hub transmissions, automotive ancillary drives (the “smart” crankshaft pulley), marine gearboxes, and variable speed electric motor drives. 

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